A business’ system and data are fundamental to their operation. Your business is not safe as it seams. Through hardware failure, hacking and malware your data can be lost or compromised. Effective data recovery planning ensures you have access to a fast and reliable recovery mechanism. Kaipara IT are IT and disaster recovery planning specialists. Our industry leading systems will have your business protected, and in the event of a disaster back up and running in no time!

With Kaipara IT you can be sure you getting the best in disaster recovery planning and backup.The difference is the stability of the server platform we provide. DataBackup is one of the most comprehensive disaster recovery systems today. Providing three vectors of recovery DataBackup is your best bet for keeping your business running smoothly. DataBackup’s major Benefits

Data is auto verified for integrity and recoverablity as it is backed up.
Has the ability to get your business back up and running in hours not weeks.
Servers restore points can be as frequent as you require
Includes regular full recovery testing
DataBackup copies the whole machine
Includes three different recovery methods
Often includes a secure, dedicated data connection


At Kaipara IT, we’ve built our reputation on one core mission – Making IT Easy. With over two decades of experience, we’ve been at the forefront of transforming businesses by revealing the untapped potential of their existing IT infrastructures. We believe in efficiency, and our track record proves how minor yet consistent tweaks in IT practices can lead to a significantly better work-life balance for business owners. Contact us on 08002NETWORK (0800 263 896) for more information.


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